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Patient SP

“I had the Elipse Allurion balloon placed by Mr Dixit in late 2019 and have to say it far exceeded my expectations. After 16 weeks when it “passed” I had lost double my target and continued to lose for some weeks after, totalling about 60 pounds. However, it does require psychological commitment as well, but I found I adapted and got into a routine quite quickly and learned what I could and could not have. The main thing is that it trained me into a different way of thinking, and so a year later, I am happy to report that I have maintained the loss entirely, despite the challenges of 2020.”

Patient MG

“After suffering from a hiatus hernia for many years it is fantastic to finally have some relief from this condition. Mr Dixit and his team were excellent. The communication, care and skill levels helped me through a difficult and complex operation. Mr Dixit showed tremendous empathy and understanding and his advice post operation was invaluable. I am delighted with the outcome.”

Patient VY

“I had a great experience with Mr.Dixit at Goring Hall Hospital. I saw him for Gall bladder operation. He saw me before and after the procedure and explained everything in detail. I found him to be kind and caring towards me. Thank you very much for your care.”

Patient PS

“I had weight loss procedure performed by Mr. Dixit. He explained the procedure patiently and answered all my questions. I have had very good result 4 months on.”

Patient SJ

“I strongly recommend Mr Anupam Dixit. From start to finish the whole process was faultless and I personally couldn’t be happier with outcome. Thanks again.”

Patient TF

“Mr Dixit went an extra mile to ensure highest quality of care”

Patient AP at Goring Hall 

“I can heartily recommend Mr Dixit He was very helpful in the explanation of what was going to happen before the operation after my test results came back and what was going to happen during the operation”

Patient AV at Homerton

“Thank you very much for changing my life”

Patient ND at Worthing

“Mr Dixit and his excellent team handled my emergency procedure with great care and explained everything in detail. Thank you for looking after me”.

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